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Accura Carrier Integration

What is carrier integration?

Most printers use carriers day-in-day-out to ship parcels nationwide. Getting accurate pricing, booking the shipment, re-keying delivery addresses, box weights, sizes and completing paperwork is time-consuming and prone to error!

Some carriers provide a separate terminal in your packing department, but it still requires you to login, setup address books, key-in job details, box sizes, weights etc... and let's face it you're now "locked-in" to them.

What if you didn't have to do ANY of that keying?... and you could continue to use your EXISTING national carriers AND your negotiated pricing?

What if, with a few clicks you could get an exact pricebook the collection, print your pre-approved bar-coded labels, AND obtain live-tracking data and URL links to send out to clients by email?

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Sound good? - Meet EasyPost carrier integration. EasyPost is our all NEW carrier web service built into Accura. With EasyPost you can do all of this without leaving Accura and without re-keying data - minimising time, errors, and it saves all the data within the Accura database automatically.

Want to see how it's done?
We've recorded a video showing the features of this great new add-on and how easy it is to setup:

What does EasyPost integration offer me?

 Live pricing across multiple carriers (using your agreed rates) *
 Seamless booking of your consignment (without leaving Accura)
 Automated label generation - download & print yourself
 Address verification (check for errors & clean your database)
 Real-time tracking information

What does it cost?

Quite simply EasyPost charge 1c per label - no subscription charges, no contracts - plain & simple. So even if you ship 500 boxes per week this will only cost $5.00 - You will be billed directly by EasyPost monthly to a nominated credit card or bank account.

To enable the EasyPost module within Accura contact our sales team for a quote. This is a one-off LOW-COST flat fee module (it does not affect your annual support charge).

What carriers can I use?

Carriers vary by country, however most popular national USA, UK and European carriers are supported. Naturally we can't support small independents, as they don't have the back-end server api for us to talk to. Carrier support includes:

Carrier list

A full list of carriers an be found here:

How do I sign-up?

Use this link:

NOTE: EasyPost integration is available from Accura v5.21 Build 9 onwards. If you are not on the most recent version of Accura, please contact support to arrange your upgrade.

*Live-rating is carrier dependent - according to the capabilities of the carrier server API. Where live-rating is not available a pre-loaded rate table will be applied.

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