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Artwork Editing

eDocBuilder© is the web-to-print and variable data engine behind AccuraOnline. This “cloud-hosted” proven technology enables your clients to customise their own artwork, self-proof, and submit without leaving the AccuraOnline web interface.

eDocBuilder© uses “templates” that you create using your existing skill-set and design software such as Adobe InDesign© or QuarkXpress©. So unlike some other systems there is nothing NEW to learn, and you don’t need to keep coming back to us to write, or tweak your templates.

eDocBuilder© is proven technology that is the backbone of many existing web-to-print solutions on the market. We have seamlessly integrated this unique engine into the AccuraOnline product suite as an optional module.

Some of the standard features: 

  • Templates use standard PDF workflow
  • Hosted solution with monthly rental
  • No click-charges (subject to fair usage)
  • Advanced rules (e.g. skip line & close gap if blank)
  • UI customisation: supports images, fonts, pick-lists, required values, defaults, auto-populated values etc.
  • Create standard impositions e.g. 4-up, 6-up
  • Handle variable data (each item is different)
  • Seamless integration with AccuraOnline

In an overcrowded and competitive print market printers now need to “stand-out”, or risk losing clients or falling short when vying for new contracts. In short... you need a “USP” (Unique Selling Point).

The eDocBuilder© plug-in for AccuraOnline will make you stand out from every other printer in your area. It will send a message to your clients and prospects that you are investing in ground-breaking technology, that you are streamlined and efficient.

This is a powerful message and WILL win you business and increased satisfaction-levels for existing clients.

Large groups such as “Vistaprint” have been offering this kind of thing online for years, smaller printers find it hard to compete. But now you can!