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Management Reports / Core Module Reports

Core Module Reports

The Core Module comes with many reports enabling you to keep track of quotes, orders, deliveries and invoicing. The ablility to sub-total, filter and print in a variety of formats comes as standard; there's no need for expensive report writing that is required with some MIS suppliers.

These are just a few of the reports available from the Core Module:

  • Estimate Enquiry - a generic report allowing you to keep tabs on your entire quote history or just a specific part.
  • Win-rate Analysis - shows estimates generated over a period of time calculating the percentages of Won, Lost or Pending quotes allowing you to analyse areas you are strongest, which need improvement and the performance of your sales team.
  • Quote Outcomes - reports on quotes marked as Lost showing the reason why the customer did not place their order. This allows you to analyse where you are losing business.
  • Value Added - a key management report showing the sales value of the quote less materials and outwork allowing you to identify your most profitable work. Too many businesses place emphasis on turnover and not enough on maximising profit margins - this can be a fatal mistake.
  • Order Enquiry - a general report enabling you to view your complete order history or just a subset.
  • Job Type Enquiry - an order history report broken down by job-type enabling you to analyse the value of each different type of job you produce.
  • Delivery Response - are your dispatch dates being met? The delivery response report will show you what percentage of orders are delivered early, on-time or late.
  • Invoices Pending - this report will show you which orders are ready to be invoiced meaning lost revenue due to orders "slipping through the net" becomes a thing of the past.
  • Sales Report - an important report listing invoices raised between two dates to give you an accurate breakdown sales by customer or sales rep.

For both quotes and orders there is the integral report wizards which allow you to build reports based on your own requirements.

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