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Craftech is an innovative supplier of screen and wide format digital printing and finishing based in Silverwater near Sydney Australia.

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Type: Wide Format
Employees: 1-10
Industry: Commercial
Location: Australia
Accura users since 2005

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Craftech are a screen & digital printer based in Sydney Australia who offer wide range of services for small & large businesses. We asked co-owner Des Mason to express his thoughts on Accura, our service, and how it has helped his business to flourish since installing the system in September 2005

What was the situation before Accura was installed?

Our previous system I had written in Excel & Word. It was awkward & required multiple data entry from estimate to invoice. It was really holding us back.

Why did you look for an alternative?

Our business was constrained by the old manual spreadsheet & I knew we had to do something, particularly as my estimator was about to go on Long Service Leave! There were quite a few businesses using another product which I just hated. I had 2 demonstrations on the other product & found it just did not have a user friendly & rational workflow. I just couldn’t bring myself to part with a considerable amount
of money for something I didn’t like, even if a lot of other printers were using it - “the old sheep mentality”.

What prompted you to look at Accura?

I looked at & trialled quite a few packages. A few had some good features but just seemed to be held together with “sticky tape & string”. I found Accura on the net & arranged a demo. It was fairly new in Australia, but proved a winner from the beginning.

What ultimately made you decide to install Accura?

My final decision was easy. I found Accura robust and very user friendly. The interface is logical and easy to use. The Section Wizard leads the estimator through each component of building a quote- step by step. The workflow from estimate to job ticket to invoice is seamless.

What effect has Accura had on your business?

Accura has definitely been the most beneficial addition we have made to our business. Setting up & training took 2 days, but once installed I was quoting, winning & booking in jobs with confidence. When our estimator returned from Long Service Leave, Accura was new to him. He spent one morning watching me quote & ticket jobs. That afternoon he was up & quoting! Accura has allowed our business to expand with a minimum of stress & maximum return. Clients have been impressed by the professional appearance Accura gives. I have had comments like - “You were a little more expensive, but I like your package better. ” & we win the job. I believe Accura has given Craftech a great advantage over our competitors.

Would you recommend Accura to other Printers?

I definitely recommend Accura to any business considering an MIS system. The support is excellent & the team at Accura give high priority to ongoing product development