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crm_iconDoes your Customer Relationship Management system truly integrate with your MIS? Does it allow you to send e-shots directly to your client base?  Can your sales team and CSRs call a customer and instantly pull up quote, order and invoice details all from one window? With Accura CRM, you can do all this..... and more. 

The Accura CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module is one of the few truly integrated Print MIS CRM systems available. It adds a unique set of 'front-end' Sales and Customer Service functions for your business, directly replacing commercially available CRM packages such as Microsoft CRM, Salesforce, Maximizer, Act! or GoldMine



Customer Service - Simply remembering to do things in a busy company is a major problem! When you DON'T, your customers notice. Accura CRM allows you to see every aspect of contact with your customers, so you understand them better, and respond quicker and more efficiently. Your customers are your easiest sell - improving your customer service helps you retain your clients

Sales Management -  Finding new business in the current business climate is increasingly hard and price motivated. By analysing and managing sales campaigns effectively, you know what brings in the most business at the least cost and you maintain your competitive edge

Everything in One Place - Juggling between spreadsheets, database programs, external CRM packages and Accura is time consuming and ineffective. One department cannot see what the other department is doing. Sales staff may not be aware of production or accounting issues when they make their calls. Put everything in one place and it all gets easier

Groundbreaking Communication Technology
All forms of communication: Telephone autodialling, Email, Fax, Letter, SMS or VOIP calls are just a mouse-click away throughout Accura CRM

Voice Over IP (VOIP) calling uses any standard VOIP package such as Skype or VoipBuster to make phone calls across an internet connection for a fraction of the cost of normal calls, or even free if you use the right VOIP software
SMS text messages can be sent to clients, prospects and staff members, for example to notify a client of their order progress, or notify sales staff of a change in appointments whilst they are on the road

You'll wonder how you managed without Accura CRM before!