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E-mail Marketing

Do you currently need to export your data so you can send e-shot blasts from a third-party product? Do your e-shot blasts get bounced back because their spam rating is too high? Accura CRMs e-mail engine resolves these problems.

Using the integral WYSIWYG editor you can create your own eye-catching HTML e-mails or import them from a plethora of design freely available on the internet. Using our dynamic merge tokens, you can easily personalise your e-shots and talk directly your clients and prospects.

There's nothing worse than seeing your carefully constructed e-shot blasts being bounced back by over zealous spam filters so Accura CRM's e-mail engine has it's own built-in spam checker so you know if your rating is good or bad before you send it.

You can also use the powerful query wizard to target specific clients or prospects. For example, you may want to e-shot a certain postal area or clients who haven't ordered in a certain time period. With our easy-to-use wizard, these queries can be set-up in seconds.

And best of all? All this is standard in Accura CRM, no add-ons and no extras.

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