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What is Accura?

Accura MIS is a management information software package designed exclusively for printers and allied trades. It provides estimating and production information as well as a wide range of management reports and financial analysis such as value add, profitability and contribution.

How does Accura work?

Accura operates on a cost plus basis. From a company's actual overhead costs and department productivity, an hourly charge rate can be determined for departments and machine operations. All material costs, labour rates and outwork costs are added to the system and from this data, a profit mark-up is added to determine a selling price.

How can Accura benefit my business?

Accura enables the business manager to take control of the business, by being able to monitor and control costs, productivity and activity very closely and to produce accurate, consistent and professionally presented estimates as well as other documents such as order acknowledgments, delivery notes and invoices.

Can I justify the investment?

Every business has areas for improvement, Accura helps identify these areas and determine the potential cost savings. In addition in being able to isolate production bottle-necks and wastage, Accura can help to improve efficiency in administration time alone. Even in the 21st Century, some people still hand-write job bags, delivery notes and invoices. Accura can produce these at the click of a mouse.

Is Accura just for "big" companies?

Categorically no! We cater from 1 user systems to companies with 30+ users. The core module package contains all you need to get going with one of the most cost effective solutions on the market. Additional modules can be added later as your business and needs grow.

Do I need specialist hardware?

Not necessarily. For up to 5 users, any decent quality off-the-shelf PC will suffice. If your user base is larger then we recommend a dedicated Windows server. You can see our recommended hardware specs here.

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