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Job Costing

If you don't currently record job costing data, you probably rely on "gut feeling" or your accounting system to indicate your profitability. When trade is good, this can work OK, but when profits are slashed and new business is harder to find, this method of working is extremely unreliable and perilous.

Profit and lossThe AccuraMIS Job Costing module extends the system to provide actual job cost, profitability, job tracking data and management information. It integrates seamlessly with the Estimating, Production, Stock Control and Remote Data Capture modules to return real-time data to give you the power to asses your business performance.

Accounting software by itself rarely indicates where the profit or loss occurred or give any kind of analysis as to job type or client. So inevitably the same mistakes get made over and over again every time a job is estimated or repeated. You need to know where wastage and errors occur and why so that action can be taken.