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Management Reports / Job Costing Reports

Job Costing Reports

Whilst the Core Module boasts an impressive array of reporting, job costing reports are where you find out what your profit margins truly are. By comparing actual costs vs estimated costs, you can ascertain what your true profit is, your actual value-add figures and which departments or operators are not performing as expected. In short, you can quickly analyse the performance of your business.

Among the job costing reports are:

  • Work In Progress - this report lists all orders awaiting approval and are still having cost logged against them. You can use this report to see the value of work in-hand, how much the orders have cost so far, along with the expected sell price enabling you to use this report for forward planning, cash flow projection or even off-setting the work in progress amounts against monthly profit and loss figures.
  • Variance Report- there are two variations of this report Detailed and Summary. Both versions compare actual vs estimated costs allowing you to see where the variation betweent the two figures lay. The Summary report can be used as an at-a-glance reference to indicate which orders have an unusual variance. The Detailed report can then be used to get to the heart of the problem and show whether action needs to be taken.
  • Sales Recovery - again, two variations to this report, Summary and Detailed, showing orders with their actual and estimated costs broken down departmentally. From the Summary, you can analyse differences between the cost and sell value for each department. The Detailed variation will allow you to analyse deeper specfic orders to establish which departments are most profitable and those which are not performing so well.
  • Value Added - similar to the quote value added report, this job costing version uses actual costs as opposed to estimated cost giving you a more accurate assesment of the retained profit in your jobs.
  • Profit Summary - listing only invoiced orders, this report shows invoice details, actual cost, contribution figures, value added figure and profit figures. You can use this report to pinpoint any orders that you may have made a loss on as the first step in finding what went wrong.

Other reports included are:

  • Operator Enquiry
  • Department Enquiry
  • Labour Enquiry
  • Material Enquiry
  • Outwork Enquiry
  • Cost Centre Enquiry

These reports target specific areas of costing allowing you to produce reports on productivity and usage. The Cost Centre Enquiry is particularly versatile as it allows you to report on definable cost centres to group together groups of operations, operators, materials or a combination of elements. 

In addition to this impressive list of reports, two report wizards allow you to construct your own costing reports, complementing the built-in functionality.

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