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Mail and Fax Shots

Although mailshots and faxshots are becoming a thing of the past, they still have their uses. And with Accura CRM, they couldn't be easier to create.

Mailshots still remain an important way of reaching your customers. It's often seen as a more formal way of communicating your products and services. Using Accura CRM and Microsoft Word, you can quickly create professional looking mailshots to impress your target audience. You can use the full functionality of a Word document and Accura CRM merge tokens to dynamically personalise your mailshots.

To send faxshots from Accura CRM, you don't even require a fax machine! Faxing from Accura CRM supports internet faxing through providers such as Myfax, Interfax and eFax. So no matter which region of the world you're in, there will be a provider for you. 

And of course, Accura CRM will keep a record of who's been sent to in a mail or fax shot by automatically creating activities for you.

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