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Multi Company / Multi Company

Multi Company

The Accura Multi Company option allows Accura to be run on a single network as 2 or more separate databases to manage multiple companies. This allows you to have separate client databases, rates and reporting for each distinct company, whilst only paying a fraction of the cost of buying a completely separate system.

Accura Multi Company is also perfect for archiving data or testing; for example after restructuring your charges or cleaning up old data, a copy of the original database can always be accessible.


These are the benefits of running the multi company module when you have two or more companies to administer

  • Only one hardware & network set-up
  • Completely separate databases of clients, suppliers, tables and histories
  • Administer 2 or more companies from 1 PC or network
  • Separate management reporting - estimate & order history, conversion rates, profitability etc
  • Easily switch between systems
  • Add and remove new databases as and when required
  • Archive data into a separate database
  • Set up 'test' databases to perform maintenance and test out different charging scenarios
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