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Management Reports / ODBC Drivers

ODBC Drivers

The Accura ODBC File Drivers allow any data from Accura to be displayed and used in an external program, such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Business Objects Crystal Reports or similar.

Once configured, the ODBC Drivers maintain a 'live' link between the Accura database and the external program, so any changes made in Accura will be dynamically updated in the external program

The ODBC File Drivers are a must have purchase for large organisations such as Inplants or Local Authorities who need to interface Accura with other software systems, or technically-savvy users who wish to customise the built-in reports, or design new ones

For example, you could create a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that displays 'live' data from orders in Accura. Using built-in Microsoft Excel features, this data could be filtered, charted, sorted or processed in any way possible within Microsoft Excel to build up your own non-standard orders report. Every time the spreadsheet is refreshed, it will 'fetch' the current data in the Accura database

In Microsoft Access, small programs can be written to access and process data from Accura, for example to extract Sales Invoice data to an unsupported accounts program, or create a new database based on Accura information. Accura's database can even be updated to mark data as extracted

The ODBC File Drivers can be used on PCs that do not have Accura installed - they simply need to be on the same network as the Accura server

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