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Production Scheduling / Production scheduling

Production scheduling

The optional Production Scheduling module integrates fully with the Order Processing module. Using the Production Scheduling you can plan the work flow for as many or as few of your factory resources and staff across multiple shift patterns. 

The themed user interface allows dragging and dropping of individual order items to fully auto-planning entire orders. The easy to navigate interface can be displayed in a variety of ways, Gantt view, Week view or Day view.

The scheduler provides a set of three different report-styles, daily planner, weekly planner and a work-to report, so the production staff know what they're supposed to be doing and keeping production on track.

When used in conjunction with the optional Accura RDC add-on, production data is fed back in real-time to the planner showing which planned events are in progress but crucially keeps you informed of overrunning events and delays. RDC stations can also view the Scheduler in a read-only mode so operators can easily keep track of their schedule.

What are the benefits to my business?

The scheduling module allows more finite planning of the entire job cycle

  • Enables you to answer (with confidence) the question: "Can I have my job by xxxx?"
  • Maximizes utilisation of resources
  • Gives a visual planning board to replace manual "T-card" systems
  • Shows real-time tracking & delays (updated instantly)
  • Highlights conflicts
  • Improves customer service
  • Works seamlessly with Remote-Data-Capture module.

To find out more, you can view the demonstration video below or contact sales for a personal demonstration.

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