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complete print management system
Core Functionality / Proofing


Full proofing facilities generate proof notes from orders within a few mouse clicks, which can be printed, faxed or emailed to the customer along with a PDF or similar image file. Orders are placed 'on hold' until the proof has been accepted by the customer.

Proof emails have built-in reply buttons so it's easy for your customer to reply with any intructions. These replies can be automatically synced in to Accura, recording the client's response and any further instructions for amendments or modifications.

The studio manager (who may not use Accura) can be emailed automatically by the system with the customers' responses and instructions relating to each proof.

The proof pending report will highlight any outstanding proofs and proof reminder emails can then be sent to customers.

As well as being part of the core Accura functionality, the proofing module also comes as part of the optional Accura Remote Data Capture module, ideal for placing in the Studio or Pre-press that may need to raise proofs and record responses but don't require full Accura functionality.

Proof response

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