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Remote Data Capture / Remote Data Capture

Remote Data Capture

The main features of Accura Remote Data Capture are:

  • Live time (labour) recording
  • Material usage entry
  • Delivery note and parcel label printing
  • Full proofing management
  • Stock receipts to receive purchase orders
  • Job tracking
  • Press work-to list reporting
  • Order status monitoring

Production staff 'start' and 'stop' labour activities as they happen, and log material usage as it is used. Barcode scanners can be used to eliminate user input error and streamline the data entry process. Shop floor data collection ensures completely accurate data is recorded in the Job Costing and Stock Control modules, it removes the need to manually input this information and provides live job tracking information.

As operations are logged in real-time and this information feeds back into the Job Costing module, you get live job tracking information; which department each job is currently in, who's working on it and what operations have already been completed. Production staff can even log that a job will be delayed, how long for and why.

Remote Data Capture can be used on a standard networked PC - you don't need to buy an additional server or expensive proprietary consoles or entry pads. RDC will run on lower-spec computers than Accura requires, so you can put your older office PCs to work on the shop floor as and when you upgrade them. If you have a Windows 2000 or 2003 Server, RDC can be used on Apple Mac if they can run a Windows O/S through Parallels (or similar) or through a Remote Desktop Connection to a Windows PC or Server.

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