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Purchase Ordering and Stock Control / Stock / Inventory Control

Stock / Inventory Control

How often have you processed an order only to find that there is insufficient material to print the job when it gets to the press? Or worse, you have forgotten to order the paper! Do you ever order material for a job then find that you already have it in stock? Do you find manual stock checking laborious and inaccurate? Do you hold finished goods in stock for your customers?

Accura Stock Control integrates seamlessly with the Production, Purchasing and Job Costing modules. Each action within these modules will automatically update related stock levels, keeping stock figures accurate and up to date without the need for manual data entry

Raising an order in the Accura production module automatically 'allocates' the material required in stock control, raising a purchase order notifies stock that the material is 'on order', and recording the materials used through job costing or Remote Data Capture removes it from stock.

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