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Remote Data Capture / Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance

Time and attendance is an optional bolt-on to the Remote Data Capture (RDC) module. This module adds a context-sensitive custom toolbar to the RDC Console window. It provides a simple "clocking-in" system to track employee working hours which can then be used to feed data into a payroll system.

Operators are required to formally login before they can start any activity in the RDC console window, thus they cannot "forget" to login and only realise later once they have started recording production time.

The system keeps a track of attendance (shift) hours, and any breaks taken - whether paid or unpaid.

What are the benefits to my business?

The Time & Attendance module allows you to:

  • Monitor attendance (shift) and production hours in one interface
  • Reduced errors, fraud, or disputes by hand-filled time-sheets or operators forgetting to use separate "clocking-in" systems
  • One user-interface for operators to get used to
  • Payroll report with export facility built-in
  • Errors can be corrected in the Accura user interface
  • Information is saved to the Accura database indefinitely.

Time & Attendance is an add-on module to Remote Data Capture, thus the RDC module is a required component of any system.

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