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Web Store / Web Store - the features

Web Store - the features

The Accura Online web store uses the “basket and checkout” workflow that is so common on e-commerce sites throughout the internet. This simple and familiar method means your end-users can easily use the site with little or no tuition from you.

As well as a public products i.e generic products that you may supply to any of your customers, products assigned to just the logged on client can be viewed. This means you can tailor product ranges to specific clients.

Products can be filtered by group and category and there is also a search facility ensuring your customers can easily find the products they need within the store.

Product orders can be placed straight away or stored as draft orders for the user to come back to, amend or add to at a later date. Artwork or other documents can be attached to the orders and sent directly to you when the order is placed.

Products are listed in an easy-to-view layout with images of the products showing the customer exactly what they are ordering. Real-time stock levels are also displayed along with a lead-time for producing products if they are on-demand or out of stock.

On-demand products can be calculated in real-time, giving your customers an accurate price at the time of placing the order depending on the quantity required so they know exactly how much they will be paying. Clients can also be set-up to pay by PayPal at the time of ordering.

Another great feature of the web store is the ability to link to our eDoc module so clients can edit their own artwork online which is then downloaded directly to a hot folder on your system.

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