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Why AccuraOnline? / Web2Print or WebtoNowhere?

Web2Print or WebtoNowhere?

So you decided you need a Web2Print system - but so many options on the market how do you choose?

Load of questions and techno-jargon - B2C, B2B, APIs, XML - But the real question you should be asking is: "Can it link with my Print MIS?"

Why? - because if it doesn't that means extra time, integrations costs, and complexity and usually the end-result is a poor integration. you'll also be faced with updating two systems when details change for clients, images, products, pricing etc.

This lack of connectivity we call "Web-to-Nowhere"... and it's a BIG problem.

You've created a great experience for your customers, but an admin nightmare for yourself.. imagine processing 50 orders (or more) per day manually then re-keying them into your MIS.

Accura offers you fully a integrated, bi-directional solution including CRM, MIS AND Web2Print just works!

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