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What are my Cost Rates?

The Accura system calculates estimates using hourly rates based on the "Cost Plus" method of deriving hourly-rates to ensure the business reaches "break-even". This method is widely advocated by leading industry bodies globally.

Essentially this means that all calculations are done at TRUE cost, then a markup applied to derive the selling price. The hourly rate for each individual labour task, machine, or cost-centre must cover its own overhead completely

The Accura Cost Rate Calculator is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that takes the hard work out of calculating your hourly rates, so they are completely accurate and reflect your business circumstances

In the past companies have paid thousands of pounds in consultancy fees to obtain this information... IT JUST GOT EASIER!

The Accura Cost Rate Calculator will help you:

  • Monitor and revise hourly rates using actual data
  • Perform 'What if' analysis
  • React to changes in your business quickly
  • Feedback into estimating to improve accuracy
  • Be more competitive

One of the nice features of Cost Rate Calculator is that you can put in projected figures and manipulate them to see the effect immediately. This enables you to perform a "What if?" analysis and this will help you answer important business decisions, for example:

  • What if I increase my working hours by laying on another shift, how will it affect my hourly rate?
  • If I purchase a new 5-colour press, what would I need to charge? Would this be competitive? How many hours do I need to fill to make it pay?
  • Instead of sending work out, could I justify my own equipment & save money?
  • If I could reduce my overheads in certain areas, how would that affect my hourly rate?
  • If I give my staff a 5% wage increase what will be the effect on my hourly rate, and can I justify it?
  • If I take on a new member of staff, what will this do to my hourly rate?
  • You really can get immediate answers to these questions and more from this very powerful spreadsheet