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Why AccuraOnline? / What's in the box

What's in the box

AccuraOnline comes out of the box with many exciting features, all as standard and all linking seamlessly back to Accura MIS using the latest Ruby on Rails® "Web2.0" technology enabling you to give YOUR customers direct access to your Accura MIS system 24/7 through a secure browser interface.

You control who has access to the site by username and passwords. You can also control what areas of the website users can uses by fully configurable user profiles down to contact level.

You also have the ability to personalise the site home page, news  terms and about us or create your own pages with information relevant to your company. Client branding as standard means each customer can have their own theme, images and even pages giving your site that 'personal' touch.

What can Accura Online do?

 All these features come as standard-

  • Seamless links and real-time synchronisation with Accura MIS
  • Easily customised to suit your brand image
  • Client branding and personalisation
  • Secure password login & access permissions
  • Quote history with PDF copy
  • Order history & re-orders
  • Tracking/progress chasing
  • Proof sign-off linked to Accura order status
  • Online store for stocked product call-off (with shopping cart)
  • Online payment with PayPal
  • Access to PDF documents online e.g. invoices

We believe that AccuraOnline is the most complete, integrated web-to-print solution on the market today. Can you afford to be without it?

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