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Why the Correct Rate is Important

Your business is unique and changing all the time. Only you have your staffing levels, salary bills, rent, rates and equipment, some of which may be on long term finance. All of these factors may mean you are charging the wrong rates.

Some companies simply charge what they consider to be the “market rate” for their equipment. Many have developed pricing structures over a long period of time that have never changed - they work, so why change them?

We have seen methods including: Rate/1000, Price/copy, Initial set-up price & run-ons, even differing rates for varying sizes & colours on a job.
Whilst Accura can be adapted to incorporate most pricing structures, we strongly recommend you convert to the Cost Plus method, if you want to obtain the maximum benefit from the system. After all, no system can show how much profit you are making if it does not know your cost.

One thing is very important: Each item of equipment is costing you the same amount of money to run, whether it is idle, running 2 colour work, or 4 colour work – it still has to be paid for.

So if you don’t use Cost Plus how do you know if you are charging correctly and making a profit? – In short you don’t!

You judge whether your prices are correct by the reaction of customers to price proposals, local competition, and by experience and “instinct”. You know you are making a profit or loss from your financial accounts – when it’s too late!

If you don’t know your costs, you won’t know your profit.